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Awkward Media Group  — a digital marketing agency. 

Founded in 2020 by Daniel J. Smith II, Alonzo Rogers and Isaiah Jordan. 


We are a group of creative individuals that have come together for the sole purpose of helping others better themselves. An Idea that started as inspirational shirts. To now, a corporation that plans to dedicate its time and resources to bettering others from a marketing standpoint. We are your Branding Specialist. Here to help you every step of the way. Whether that be Social Media, Speech prep, Clothing, or just your overall brand. We help you develop that Awkward feeling of accomplishment once you reach your endless goals. 




Daniel is co-founder and CEO of Awkward Media Group, bringing over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry.  Daniel has extensive working experience in content marketing , social media management, brand management and project management. He is an innovative leader that creates solutions and alternative approaches to long standing problems.  He has a proven success with developing and implementing cross channel digital campaigns that increase online brand presence and awareness. 


Daniel is a graduate from Full Sail University where he obtained his Bachelors degree in Entertainment Business and his Masters degree in Public Relations.  He is also an Air Force Veteran with over a decade of service to our great country and uses the leadership and management skills learned during his time in the military to manage and direct our team.  Daniel enjoys working along side our creative team to help set the direction for projects and ensure there is a seamless transition from strategy to implementation. Daniel has worked on many large scale digital products and brings that experience to Awkward Media Group.  The name Awkward Media Group was born when he realized that he didn’t follow the norms of the digital marketing industry and applied analytical and research analysis to develop a plan for each client.

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Alonzo is co-founder as well as Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Awkward Media Group. Alonzo is an Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale Alum, where he received his Associates Degree in Graphic Design.  Alonzo brings over 14 years of experience to AMG. From logos, business cards to billboards, he has done it all. He takes extreme pride in building brands from the ground up. Alonzo has helped start small business as well as worked successfully with huge brands ranging from Chic-fil-a to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Here at AMG, he’s dedicated to helping take your business and brand to the next level. From start to finish, your brand will be top priority. 



Isaiah is an Awkward gentleman originally from West Philadelphia that has now migrated to the beautiful Tampa Bay area. A mathematics major at the University of Tampa, Isaiah has always been driven to pursue new challenges. While he has no prior marketing experience, Isaiah believes that he has the ability to express himself in ways that people would love through different forms of clothing and social branding, and it is an ability he wishes to share with the world. The word ‘awkward’ describes the category Isaiah has been put in his entire life. To him being awkward is not a bad thing; to be awkward means to be different as an individual and having the ability to stand out from stereotypical images placed on everyone in society. From school to work to friendships; Isaiah has always been that awkward guy that fits in with every group he encounters. Whether it’s the ‘nerds,’ the ‘weirdos,’ the ‘jocks,’ or any other social group, he has managed to relate to each group and still remain awkward enough to positive representation of its members.


As the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO), it is Isaiah’s duty to design and create all of the merchandising content for the company. Isaiah works diligently with every client in need of designs for merchandising. He believes that being called awkward means a person stands out for a reason he or she may not know but others see it in them. In his position, he strives to ensure that each and every client has the ability to be the best awkward company that they can be. He makes it his personal mission to ensure that whatever a client envisions will come to life after a session with yours truly.

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